Writer, speaker, geek. I write urban fantasy and YA, and am a purveyor of real-life magic. Powered by caffeine, ridiculousness, and charm. Proud indigenous.

Hi! I'm Jessica. 

I split my time between Japan, where I am currently an English teacher, and Denver, where I spent many a year as a marketing director. I have owned my own company, designing promotional campaigns for both authors and businesses. I earned my Master’s degree from the University of Denver and hold undergraduate degrees from The Pennsylvania State University, and have worked for everything from political campaigns to game design companies. I have published original research on online user behavior, and present to national conferences on how social media really is more than just cat videos.


When I'm not writing or working, I spend time exploring Japan; playing with my two cats and dog; playing the cello; gaming; doing outdoorsy stuff; and avoiding adult life as much as possible. A two-time Zebulon Award winner, I am currently working on my sixth novel, a Dine-inspired YA paranormal called SKY MARKED, and I belong to Pikes Peak Writers and Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, as well as the crucial-to-my-success critique group, Highlands Ranch Fiction Writers.


Find me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, on Tumblr on my super geeky roleplay Tumblr. Or possibly all of those at once.


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