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Writer, speaker, geek. I write urban fantasy and YA, and am a purveyor of real-life magic. Powered by caffeine, ridiculousness, and charm. Proud Indigenous. She/her.

Hi! I'm Jess(ica)

I live in Denver with a whole bunch of animals (embrace the chaos!) and am an author, diversity consultant, technophile, gamer, and all-round geek. A member of the Cherokee Nation, I have keen interest in diversity in the workplace and media and Indigenous issues. I earned my Master’s degree from the University of Denver and hold undergraduate degrees from The Pennsylvania State University. I have published original research on online user behavior, and write about social media, marketing, technology, women in STEM, and representation in media. My background in the technology and defense industries combined with my marketing expertise make me an insightful critic of gender and race representation in fiction, film, video games, and comics. She have published works on various magazines and blogs, including the essay “Not Your Mystical Indian” in Invisible 2, edited by Jim C. Hines. I have presented at South by Southwest, Denver Comic Con, Shenzhen Maker Faire, American Public Health Association’s national conference, and Pikes Peak Writers Conference.

I have been telling stories my entire life, encouraged by my family who listened to me with endless patience. My work as a diversity consultant is relatively new, and I provide sensitivity reads as well as help bookstores, editors, authors, and conferences increase their diversity.

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New release! Available August 24, 2021. Pre-order now
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